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A little birdie told me about the value of small changes in the therapeutic process. Our clinicians often sit in angst, wondering if they are doing enough for their client. Sometimes they want to change the entire course of direction because they have not seen significant changes in their clients. One of our vulnerable clients who has a tremendous and extensive history of trauma sought services here after years of being marginalized and discriminated in other mental health agencies and services. She was expertly matched with a clinician who has such a beautiful and giving spirit. This clinician consistently, patiently, and skillfully provided the client a safe and structured place. The clinician and our medical director work systemically with this client to ensure stability is maintained. Changes witnessed thus far is this; client has not experienced marginalization, she attends appointments regularly, and she has presented more tranquil. Some might feel these changes are too small, but, they are just right.

Why A little Birdie?

My goal for writing this blog was to highlight the remarkable work of our clinical staff. The tireless commitment to excellence from mental health providers can feel unrewarding or stagnant at times. I would send these “anonymous” shout out messages to all staff when I heard of some great and outstanding growth – the little birdie told me.. was a way to communicate this to everyone in a quick and meaningful way. Shining moments should be recognized.

Then, I realized I neglected to emphasize the courage and resiliency of our wonderful clients. The work begins with them. So, I began to write about magnificent moments of insight and daring movements of change. Our clients are remarkable.

We decided to share these little messages with you all.
So, I hope you all read through this blog with the spirit of which it was intended. To shed positive thoughts into our world.