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“The impact of psychedelics on oneself has always fascinated me, such as how it impacts one’s perspective and insight, humbles the ego, reveals beliefs and uncovers biases, increases visual detection of the most minute and beautiful details that previously had gone unnoticed, and increases one’s interconnectedness with nature.  Thus, it was a natural transition for psychedelics to become incorporated in my work as a psychotherapist due to the research on the efficacy of psychedelics to assist with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the angst experienced by those facing end-of-life issues.  I am excited to offer psilocybin-assisted-psychotherapy in our retreats based in Jamaica and our future goals to offer ketamine treatments at our two offices located in Maryland.  MPB/HEF sets itself apart from other providers as we provide the unique opportunity for our participants to receive the treatment by our team of highly trained and licensed mental health professionals who assist with the preparation, the journey, and the essential integration of the experience into one’s life.”

– Mika Uematsu, Chief Psychedelic Officer

The Science Behind Plant Based Medicines

The therapeutic and ceremonial use of plant based medicine has been around for thousands of  years. Its effectiveness in providing healing with the increasingly complex mental and substance abuse health challenges of recent years is what has brought rise to its prominence and increased focus and attention. The existential journey helps to facilitate profound internal change by increasing introspection and reflection, relaxation, connectedness to self and others.

Since 2000, John Hopkins’ Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research has been studying the effects of psychedelics on the treatment of PTSD, depression, eating disorders, and substance use. They have uncovered and continue to research the profound therapeutic impact of psychedelics for healing. They have published their findings in over 60 journals and articles.



The field of plant-based medicine has been around for centuries. A select ensemble of MPB Group’s licensed, mental health clinicians–who have education, training and experience in therapeutic value of psychedelics–has recently partnered with Healing Escapes Foundation to offer immersive holistic health retreats in JAMAICA.

Our psychedelic assisted psychotherapy program is very unique as we provide licensed mental health professionals who serve as both psychedelic guides and integration therapists.

Integrity and safety are integral to the services that we provide.

We continue to recruit, train and build upon our core team of integration therapists to provide support to participants beyond their one retreat experience.

Click here to learn more about Healing Escapes Foundation.