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A little birdie told me about the significance and impact of patience in the therapeutic process. As we phase into a new decade, reflection naturally occurs within our clients and within ourselves. Preparation of self as the therapist is necessary to take on and receive our clients’ reflections. It is a gift when the reflections of our clients highlight growth and change and attribute therapy, psychiatry, and themselves as the conduits of change. One of our talented, smart, and engaging psychiatrists shared her reflection on the progress of one our longstanding clients.  This client came to us over five years ago, seeking help with a multitude of acute symptoms.  This client expressed to the psychiatrist that the severity of depression and anxiety have diminished greatly. Feelings of overwhelmingness is lessened. The client credited therapy and medication.  The client navigated through several therapists throughout the years, not always by choice. The current therapist possesses a sound self of the therapist and was able to provide this client with the safe space to explore connections between mind and behavior. The therapist and psychiatrist team trusted the therapeutic process which gave way for this client to grow comfortable with change, resulting in positive reflection of the therapeutic process. And that my friends, is what a birdie told me…

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