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New Clients

Supplemental Paperwork

  • Custody orders (as applicable for minor children)
  • If both parents have legal custody then both parents must give permission allowing the child to engage in therapeutic services
  • All psychiatric/psychological/psychosocial evaluations completed over the last 1-3 years (where available) should be faxed to us by the first appointment.
  • Court orders must be presented and release of info signed for court ordered treatment
We Accept BlueCross BlueShield, Cash and MD Medicaid for Services


For Our Sessions
  • Initial intake evaluation: $275
  • Psychiatric evaluation: $275
  • Family therapy (45 min session): $165
  • Group therapy (45 min session): $55
  • Individual therapy (45 min session): $150
  • Individual therapy (30 min session): $75
  • Medication management (15 min follow up session): $75

Private Contracts

Contact the Clinic

All agencies and individuals interested in setting up a private contract should contact the clinic to speak with the CEO or Program Director in order to discuss contract specifics.




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