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Compassionate Psychiatric Treatment in Columbia and Laurel

Every single person has gone through struggles in one way or another, at least once in their lifetime. Life is challenging, and can be even more so if you have mental health issues to deal with on top of that. As a nationally accredited psychiatric group with more than 15 years of experience, MBP Group is the comprehensive outpatient mental health clinic you and your loved ones can rely on when you need to talk about your challenges, stressors, and life obstacles.

If you have had previous psychiatric treatment and wish to change providers, we can help. We accept Maryland Medicaid – and provide psychiatric services on a cash paying basis. If you have private insurance such as BlueCross BlueShield, you can pay cash for services and we can give you invoices to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement as an out of network provider for psychiatric services.

Friendly and understanding staff

Here at MBP Group, we understand that mental health is a complicated issue to deal with, which is why we have staffed our group appropriately. Our multidisciplinary staff consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychological associates, play therapists, marital and family therapists, professional counselors, and social workers, all of whom have been thoroughly trained to handle your issues professionally and compassionately. Also, we have staff members who speak both English and Spanish, so if you feel more comfortable having your sessions in Spanish, that is an option for you. Our main goal here at MBP Group is to make you feel at ease whenever you’re here for appointments; this facilitates significant progress.

Psychiatric services for minors

If you feel like your child could benefit from psychiatric treatment, you’ll be glad to know MBP Group can definitely accommodate minors. Here, we have board certified child psychiatrists who have an genuine interest in the psychiatric needs of children and adolescents. They provide psychiatric services to include evaluations, and ongoing medication management. If you suspect your child or teenager is struggling with a serious mental health matter – such as depression or psychosis, it is good to seek treatment early on in order to get the proper diagnoses, medications, and tools to deal with their struggles.

Mental illness should not be a stigma; it should be an important subject that is dealt with head-on, without shame. MBP Group is here to help with no judgment whatsoever. In addition to psychiatric services for your children, we also offer family sessions to strengthen your bond and to teach you how to support your children through difficult times.

Psychiatric medications available

Many times, people wonder “Do I need a psychiatrist?” This is a perfectly good question to ask yourself, even if you feel like you’re in a good place mentally. Mental health can be supported by a combination of therapy and psychiatry. This comprehensive approach is aimed at improving your quality of life, giving you increased energy, happiness, and decreased anxiety. When you see a psychiatric doctor on staff, they are trained to not only give you quality assessments and treatment, but also prescribe the appropriate medications. By balancing out the chemicals in your brain with medication and providing you with therapists who can teach you valuable tools to deal with stressors in your life, our doctors will make a world of difference when you need to deal with mental health issues.
Call us now (410) 730-2385 to make an appointment with us.