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A little birdie told me about the emotion of gratitude. As Thanksgiving approaches, we are called to reflect on what we are truly thankful. The difference between gratitude and thankfulness is an emotion that gratitude exudes within us which is positivity and a state of mind that boosts inner peace, happiness, and contentment whereas thankfulness is a fleeting active stance for something we possess or were given. Research indicates that over time, feeling grateful boosts joy and fosters both physical and psychological health. The art of practicing gratitude shifts negative emotions and thwarts attention away from negative ones. Gratitude existed this week as a client sighed heavily with tears in her eyes as she asked for a pen to write her name on a slip of paper, hoping to win a turkey for her family. A reciprocal act of gratitude is playing out with a simple raffle – food is substance, dinner with the family is where gratitude is nurtured. We know this to be true, so, a turkey is our way of showing gratitude to our client’s hard work and commitment to the therapeutic process. Gratitude exists internally, although I typically make these stories about someone or something else, I want to share how I am grateful to you all. I get to work, play, laugh, cry, make friends, counsel, teach, manage, and grow in a workplace that allows me to share my experiences and expertise in a vulnerable and true way. How many places can you do that? The act of reflection of gratitude is a beautiful way of connecting to a positive emotion. I recommend it to you all. And that my friends, is what a birdie told me…

Why A little Birdie?

My goal for writing this blog was to highlight the remarkable work of our clinical staff. The tireless commitment to excellence from mental health providers can feel unrewarding or stagnant at times. I would send these “anonymous” shout out messages to all staff when I heard of some great and outstanding growth – the little birdie told me.. was a way to communicate this to everyone in a quick and meaningful way. Shining moments should be recognized.

Then, I realized I neglected to emphasize the courage and resiliency of our wonderful clients. The work begins with them. So, I began to write about magnificent moments of insight and daring movements of change. Our clients are remarkable.

We decided to share these little messages with you all.
So, I hope you all read through this blog with the spirit of which it was intended. To shed positive thoughts into our world.