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A little birdie told me about the power of family resiliency and how it is revealed through the therapeutic process within an agency that encourages open dialogue, family support, and attentive collaboration. Like so many of our vulnerable service recipients seeking our services and expertise, this family experienced so much pain and loss by means of suicide, addiction, neglect, and child sexual abuse. The phrase “family first” is personified in this steadfast matriarch. She embraced her sister’s children while she battles addiction. She opened her mind to the recommended course of treatment for her family – individual for all family members as well as family therapy. Through the measured and thoughtful therapeutic process of each individual clinician and family therapist and the team’s respectful collaboration, each clinician began to witness the client’s resiliency by allowing the space for the family to peel away its protective gear. Everyone is working so very hard to help this family heal and by the looks of it, it is working. The power of resiliency is revealed through the therapeutic process if you trust the process. And that my friends, is what a birdie told me…

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