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A little birdie told me about a guardian who fought the therapeutic process with all her might. The guardian, a grandmother, already raised her own daughter; a daughter who suffered from addiction and who is no longer around. She is now raising her grandchildren. The guardian brought one of her grandchildren, whom she identified as the “problem” to our clinic. The guardian had very low expectations of what therapy could do. Through a collaborative approach which included, sitting down with the guardian for a few one on one sessions, individual therapy for her child and later her other grandchildren, medication management, and family therapy, our guardian began to feel heard, respected, and enlightened. This hard-working guardian slowly accepted the therapeutic process and witnessed changes in her family. She proudly boasted to her family therapist that she and the child whom she just wanted to reduce outbursts at school has had the best start to the school year she has ever had. And that, my friends, is what a birdie told me…

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