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A message from Dr. Brewer, CEO/owner:

MPB Group is closely monitoring the way the global pandemic (COVID-19) is affecting us collectively -as a community of health care providers and individuals living in a time of uncertainty.

The health and safety of our staff and the clients we serve are of our utmost concern. This is a critical time for us all – in similar and varied ways. In order to minimize risk, we are revising operations with a continuous focus on the delivery of services in the safest way possible.

In our 17 years of operation, we have had to overcome many hurdles. Each has been challenging in its own unique way. This isn’t the most challenging, but it is the most personal and serious challenge that MPB has had to face. We have solid systems in place to meet this challenge. Please make use of them and take advantage of the opportunities to engage with our team in the creative and innovate ways that are being offered to you during this time of great need.

Maintain your relationship with your therapist, or form a new relationship with a therapist through online treatment:

  • Therapy (individual, family & group) – “teletherapy”
  • Psychiatric services (Evaluations & med management services) – “telepsychiatry”

Call us for more info on how to sign up now!


Interview with Dr. Brewer

Dr. Brewer, CEO of MPB Group, was recently interviewed by Nancy Yamada of MPT News about finding peace at home during the COVID19 pandemic.