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Collaboration of Care

A Cooperative Approach

Rather than sitting with one individual week after week, collaboration takes a cooperative approach to counseling, allowing multiple experts to work together to create a dynamic strategy to care.

Together, we’ll create a plan that targets your lifestyle, offering in-house case conferences and more. Our follow-up approach combines our practice with all appropriate parties, including medical doctors, school administrators, family members, and spouses. As a joint unit, we can work to see beneficial changes, helping you to take charge of your life and your emotions.


Innovation & telemental health services

Cutting-Edge theories & Technologies

The MPB Group team is innovative and progressive in its daily operations. We strive to keep up with the latest training and research by engaging in ongoing continuing education activities. Our team participates in both in-house and off site workshops and seminars to stay abreast of the most current knowledge.

In an effort to be as paperless and efficient as possible, we utilize an electronic management record (EMR) system called CarePaths to document and track client communication and progress. Through this system, we are able to electronically transmit psychiatric prescriptions (eliminating the headache and confusion that results from lost paper scripts and/or difficult to read doctor writing)!

Through our EMR, we are able to provide telemental health services (essentially web-based video therapy) to those who have difficulties getting to the office – or for a quick check to make up for a missed appointment. This is a web-based services – if the client has access to Internet, he/she has access and the ability to access therapy via this video real time modality.

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Rates & Fees

Cash Fee Basis

Telemental health services are offered on a cash fee basis payable through PayPal at the following rates:

  • $250: Initial online therapy comprehensive evaluation or psychiatric evaluation
  • $100: 15 – to 20 – minute medication checks by psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners
  • $125: 45 – minute online therapy session
  • $65: 30 – minute online therapy session

Maryland Medicaid can be billed for tele-psychiatry appts  (psychiatric evaluations and follow up medication management appointments only).

Cash only accepted as payment for all other telemental health services.

All clients receiving psychiatric services must also be engaged in therapy.

Clinical training program

Providing Support & Experience

In addition to professional counseling services, we are also dedicated to furthering the next generation of counselors. Our established and comprehensive clinical training program is designed to help individuals on the path to a career in psychology or psychiatry, providing the support and experience necessary for accreditation.

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