Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services


Mentoring is an ongoing one-to-one relationship between an adult and a child who needs support to achieve academic, career, social and/or personal goals.  At MPB Group, we believe in the strength of the relationships built between mentors and our clients to inspire positive social, emotional and behavioral change.  Through appropriate modeling and behavioral interventions, mentors are often able to teach our clients valuable life lessons outside of the office in “real life” situations as they arise.

Mentoring programs are one of the best means of bringing a person who can represent the concern and support of the larger community into the lives of young people. In many ways, mentoring represents a return to tradition, calling upon the community to provide our youth with care and guidance, and to nurture and challenge them. Research shows that providing young people with consistent adult support through a well-supervised, frequently occurring, long-term mentoring relationship improves grades and family relationships, and helps prevent initiation of drug and alcohol use.

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