Clinic Staff

We have a competent, caring and multidisciplinary staff that consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychological associates, play therapists, marital and family therapists, professional counselors and social workers skilled in addressing a myriad of issues.  As a team, we collaborate on cases in order to help ensure the proper continuum of care.


We have a Spanish speaking psychiatrist, and some bilingual clinicians in the past to help bridge the communication barriers for Spanish speaking parents and to help address the stigma associated with mental health. We continue to seek out full and part time Spanish speaking therapists to help to diversify our staff and meet clients’ needs.


Our services include psychiatric services, psychotherapy, psychiatric rehabilitation services and integrated mental health services for the dual diagnosis population.


Additionally, we are a training site for Masters and Doctoral level students. We provide exceptional clinical supervision to our trainees so that they are able to provide quality mental health services to all clients with whom they are matched.


Please call the clinic at 410-730-2385 to inquire about setting up an appointment.

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