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Illustration of Don't Drink and Drive

MPB Group, Inc. has received it’s Maryland State License to provide Services as a DUI Education Program as well as for Level 0.5 Early Intervention Services.

We offer a 6 week 12 hour DUI Education Program/Group. Before starting the group you must complete the initial intake process; and then participate in our 12 hour educational program/group. If it has been determined that other services are recommended after the assessment is completed, internal and external resources will be provided.

Group Format:

  • 6-12 group members
  • 6 week group course
  • Group is 2 hours per week (once per week)

For most clients, this meets the legal requirements for your first arrest for DUI, marijuana possession, alcohol citation, or other legal charges where alcohol or drugs were involved.

Financial Obligations

All payments are due prior to the time of the service. MPB Group is unable to bill any insurance company for this specific DUI Education Program.

Payment Course

  • First Payment: is due at the time of the Intake Assessment $165.00
  • Class Fees: $420.00
  • Total cost of program: $585.00
  • Per Class (6 classes) $70.00 two hour classes
  • If you are unable to pay the total at time of registration you can pay for the assessment first, then make two payments of $210.00 to pay for the 6 week class fees.
  • The first three weeks ($210) must be paid before you start the first class. The last three weeks ($210) must be paid before you start the last three classes

Integrated Services
(Co-Occurring Disorders)

Substance Abuse Services

In co-occurring disorders, both the mental health diagnosis and substance use diagnosis have their own distinctive symptoms that may impact a clients’ ability to function in the areas of work, school, home life and relating to others. Even more challenging, the co-occurring disorders may also affect one another. When a mental health problem goes untreated, the substance use problem generally gets worse; and when substance use increases – mental health problems may become even more acute.

MPB Group, Inc. provides “integrated services – addressing both the substance use and mental health issues of clients who have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. Our specialized Integrated therapists are able to provide, individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy.  They are also able to conduct comprehensive substance abuse evaluations and toxicology screenings for court ordered clients.

Drug Testing:  In addition to assessment, referral, and individual and group counseling, urinalysis and/or saliva drug screening is a part of the assessment and treatment process. Those who screen positive for an alcohol or drug related disorder or who indicate use, will be further assessed for referral to appropriate level of care using the ASAM patient placement criteria.

DUI Education is a component of our substance abuse program (a group therapy).

Mission Statement

The Integrated Services Center works to enhance the quality of life through a supportive, collaborative and strengths-based approach towards helping individuals pursue success, health, and well-being.