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In-Home Counseling

Serving Howard, PG and Montgomery Counties


The overarching goal of MPB Group is to provide quality and comprehensive mental health services.  To achieve these goals, our home-based counselors use a systemic-holistic treatment model tailored to the needs of each child and family. Thus, MPB Group counselors emphasize the interrelatedness of all family members and the unique relationships that form within families and communities.

At MPB Group, home-based counseling is a collaborative process intended to “meet clients where they are.” Therefore, our licensed home-based mental health therapists join family members in creating healthier family systems.  For example, the treatment plan is designed in collaboration with family members and is, therefore, family driven rather than counselor driven.

Dynamic, comprehensive model

The Best Possible Results


Our model of care goes far beyond just meeting the basics. Instead, we work with you, employing therapeutic techniques intended to yield the best possible results.

Your care will incorporate

Numerous Goals & Objectives, Including:


  • Improved caregiver discipline practices
  • Enhanced family relationships
  • Decreased involvement with a child’s deviant peers
  • Increased association with positive influences
  • Improved academic or vocational performance
  • Engagement in positive recreational outlets
  • Creation of a community support network to facilitate and maintain change
  • Anger management
  • Social skill development

Meet family objectives

Safe, Comfortable Environment


We realize that family relationships are often quite complex, especially in situations that previously involved abuse, neglect, or other forms of trauma. Our home-based care can address these topics in a safe, comfortable environment, working to meet objectives that include:

  • Preventing out-of-home placement
  • Strengthening familial relationships
  • Breaking the cycle of abuse within a family atmosphere
  • Empowering families to develop a community support system
  • Provide fluid yet continuous care customized to family needs

Unique opportunities

Increase Engagement


Our programs may refer to care within the home, but our capabilities go far beyond home care alone. In addition, our holistic therapy is intended to accommodate a wide variety of community settings to overcome barriers to service. With opportunities at home, in school, and throughout the neighborhood, our procedures can increase engagement and maximize benefits.

Your care can be adapted as you and your family learn, change, and grow, allowing us to adapt the clinical process to encompass best practices. As you develop, we develop with you.

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Learn More About Our In-Home Caring

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Montgomery County 301-963-7311