Home-based Counseling

The overarching goal of MPB Group is to provide quality and comprehensive mental health services.  To achieve these goals, our home-based counselors use a systemic-holistic treatment model tailored to the needs of each child and family. Thus, MPB Group counselors emphasize the interrelatedness of all family members and the unique relationships that form within families and communities.

At MPB Group, home-based counseling is a collaborative process intended to “meet clients where there are.” Therefore, our home-based counselors assist family members to develop the values, principles, and skills necessary for them to create a healthier family system. For example, the treatment plan is designed in collaboration with family members and is, therefore, family driven rather than counselor driven.

Our model strives to do the following:

  • Improve caregiver discipline practices
  • Enhance family relationships
  • Decrease child’s involvement with deviant peers
  • Increase association with positive peers
  • Improve school or vocational performance
  • Engage child in positive recreational outlets
  • Develop a community support network to help caregivers achieve and maintain change


In addition to a systemic therapeutic model, it is not uncommon for counselors to use a variety of approaches such as behavioral modification, anger management, social skills curriculum, and parenting/empowerment models.

MPB Group is dedicated to achieve the following objectives through therapeutic work:


  • Prevent the out-of-home placement of children and adolescents
  • Strengthening family units
  • Help to break the cycle of abuse within relationships among family members
  • Empower families to connect with the community for support
  • Provide a fluid continuity of care that meets each families’ unique needs


Unique features of MPB Group Home-based Counseling Program

Low caseloads to allow intensive services:

  • MPB Group’s home-based counseling team consists of part and full-time Masters level therapists who provide intensive individual (two to three times per week) and family therapy. The counselor is the team’s main point of contact for the youth, family, and all involved agencies and systems.


Delivery of services in community settings (e.g., home, school, neighborhood center)

  • To overcome barriers to service access, MPB Group therapists provide services within the home, school, and neighborhood to facilitate family engagement in the clinical process and provide more valid assessment and outcome data.



Please contact our Program Director, directly if interested in working in the home based program, or interested in making client referrals to our new and exciting program at doctor_brewer@yahoo.com


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